Since Baya’s inception in 1993, we have been associated with city agencies. We started with the small business administration and became a registered minority business enterprise. Baya Inc works closely with the general public, as well as the private sector and various New York City agencies such as HRA, DHS, HASA, ACS, LINC, NYCHA, NYS Office of Victim Services, Catholic Charities, and many more. We began specializing in HRA aka welfare by assisting city case workers with moving services for the underserved. We execute both eviction prevention through HRA and eviction enforcement through NYC Marshal Offices. Most tenants that have been evicted reside in DHS shelters. We can assist with moving in and out of their shelters along with storage for the duration of the client’s stay.

Receiving public assistance?

Do you qualify for a one shot deal? Baya Inc has a team of friendly customer service agents who specialize in the process of moving and/or storage through HRA. We work hand in hand with a processing center that provides three D.O.T. licensed moving estimates for client’s Special Grant Code 22 moving expense request. Once an approval is generated from the agency, our office will then be able to administer the move. This process can take up to 10 business days but can vary due to HRA. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact our corporate office and speak to one of our customer service agents, or contact your local HRA representative about how to get approved for one shot deals. Please note: We operate on long distance moves from April to October 31. 

What exactly does
"Baya" mean?

Definition of Baya [Bye-yuh]: agreed, OK, right on. It’s a Caribbean term commonly used as a form of agreement. The President, Frank Lopez Jr, established Baya Inc in June 1993. He started in 1988 with Lopez Brothers Trucking delivering office furniture and stationary supplies for Emco Sales located in Chelsea, NY. Soon after the emergence of Staples, Frank was forced to close Lopez Brothers and open Baya Inc.

In 2018, we joyfully celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Our wish is to continue our growth for the next upcoming years by broadening our services and sharpening our prices. We currently have a five truck fleet, 8 office staff members, and over 25 movers to perform just about any type or size move. We offer a wide range of moving and storage services for the right price budget.