Packing Materials/Services

Clients that are being moved assume that the moving process includes packing. What is included is wrapping and unwrapping your furniture. If disassembly and assembly is needed, it must be mentioned to our moving consults during the intake process prior to the receipt of our estimate.

We carry only the best packing materials to ensure your possessions arrive safe and sound. Need some packing materials? Please see prices below.

1.5 small carton $2.50

3.1 medium carton $4.25

4.5 large carton $5.00

5.2 dish pack $7.00

Twin mattress bag $5.00

Full/Queen mattress bag $7.00

King mattress bag $10.00

Dish pack inserts only $5.00

Newsprint 25 lbs $100

24 inch wardrobe boxes with rod $17

Tape $3 per roll

Need help packing and don’t know where to start? Problem solved! Baya Inc can provide the service of carefully packing your household items if you are physically unable to. We can pack on the same day of your move or a day prior. We can even assist in loading your own moving van/truck. Please contact us to schedule a walk through for this unique service.