Baya Inc currently has four storage facilities conveniently located throughout the Bronx and Queens. Three are located in the Bronx and one in Jamaica, Queens. Two of our warehouses are self storage facilities for voluntary storage. Our other two are eviction warehouses for involuntary storage.  What makes our storage facilities different from our competitors is that our clients do not pay for the storage fees themselves. We accept payment from third party agencies such as HRA, HASA, Self Help, Bailey House, and more. In order to qualify, clients must reside in the shelter system due to homelessness or natural disasters.


Storage Fees


1 PERSON HOUSEHOLD                250 CUBIC FT (5Wx7Lx7H)             $235/MONTH

1 PERSON HOUSEHOLD                400 CUBIC FT (5Wx10Lx8H)           $295/MONTH

2/3 PERSON HOUSEHOLD             600 CUBIC FT (7Wx10Lx8H)           $375/MONTH

4/5 PERSON HOUSEHOLD             800 CUBIC FT (10Wx10Lx8H)         $475/MONTH

6+ PERSON HOUSEHOLD              1200 CUBIC FT (10Wx15Lx8H)       $575/MONTH